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What can we do for you

We support people who have one or more of the following needs:

  • Autism and Aspergers Syndrome

  • Physical disability

  • Learning disability

  • Challenging behaviour

  • Mental health requirements

  • Self harm

  • Epilepsy

  • Personality disorders

  • Complex needs

At Swallowfields Care Centre, we believe that all our residents should feel like it's their home, not ours. We strive to make this the basis of our commitment to their care and support, providing everyone with a warm, friendly, and safe environment where they can begin this journey.

Residents who we support, are encouraged to lead independent lives as far as is possible and to fulfil their own potential. Our goals are quite simply theirs, in other words, our focus is on what they can do, rather than what they can't.

Of all the things you wear, your

expression is the most important

Individual Personalised Care

Swallowfieds care centre specialises in supporting adults who require a more structured and meaningful care package. We ensure that the support we provide is personalised based on the individual's needs. Person-centred plan and Health action plan enables us to carry out detailed care and relapse prevention planning whilst measuring progress by working towards a set of reasonable outcomes. These outcomes are identified by everyone we support, which is a fundamental part of achieving greater independence.


We provide highly personalised, safe, and fun environment where service users can develop their social, communication, and life skills with a view to gaining greater levels of independence, including education and employment.


Through our team, we can make huge inroads towards an individual becoming more settled, independent, and involved in the community around him/her.

We play a key part in succesfully integrating our service users onto 'step down' services (supported living), therefore minimising the chances of a placement breakdown


We can assist by offering our own supported living facilities within secured tenancies, to ensure that the right level of support is maintained with a consistency approach to staffing.


We can continue to provide long-term support as long as required through our Domiciliary Service.


We can provide support to individuals who's placement have broken down. We can also provide help in cases where there is an 'Safeguarding Alert'



At Swallowfields, we employ our own fully qualified therapists who work one to one or in groups with our residents which includes Occupational Therapists, Dance and Movement Therapists, Art Therapists, Music Therapists, & Relaxation Therapists


We understand that everybody is different, which is why we offer a selection of activities and tailor these to the individuals choice.

Our professional occupational therapy unit aims to work with our residents in a person-centred way to enable individuals to maximise the following:

  • Emotional

  • Cognitive

  • Personal self-help

  • Domestic skills

  • Choice and well-being

  • Educational skills such as numeracy, literacy, budgeting, cooking, and healthy living skills.

  • Community participation including use of public

  • Calm behaviour

  • Enhance memory

  • Improve Communication


  • Psycho educational

  • Work on trauma


We appropriately safeguard people with complex multiple diagnoses whilst supporting them to exercise full choice and control using pro-active and positive means of managing risk. We use clear, multi-agency risk assessments and strategies and high levels of supervisions, where required, to facilitate inclusion.

Just For You

We encourage each individual to live their life in a manner which is specific to their wishes, and which promotes independence and choice. We do this by finding out what is important to each resident and supporting them in a way which is meaningful to them.


We value the uniqueness of each resident and build on their skills in order to maintain independence and involve them fully in any decision making processes. We respect and value each resident and their contribution to their home and their care. We ensure that the home provides for all support needs by ongoing assessment and evaluation of each resident ensuring that they are fully involved and consulted at every stage.


We establish good channels of communication and information sharing between the next of kin and ourselves and all support given will be transparent, open, and in accordance with the current best practice and legislation.