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A vibrant alternative Unique in its services

10 Years of Experience

Individual Personalised Care

Friendly Service

10 years of experience of providing personalized care and support to people with learning and physical disabilities.

We provide out residents with a friendly, clean, homely, comfortable and safe environment, which promotes their individuality, choices, independence, rights, and dignity

We believe that the provision of high quality, dedicated support starts with having a well trained and knowledgeable staff team who actively value people with such needs.


Swallowfields is part of Aims Care Limited. We have over 10 years experience of providing personalized care and support to people with learning and physical disabilities, health needs including epilepsy, Parkinson's disease; mental health needs including schizophrenia, personality disorder, bipolar disease, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Our dedicated care staff and Therapy team liaises with local healthcare professionals to ensure that consistent and appropriate input is available. We also have excellent working relationships with community mental health and learning disability teams.

We provide highly personalized, safe, and fun environments where service users can develop their social, communication, and life skills with a view to gaining greater levels of independence, including education and employment.

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"We treat each person as an individual and respect him or her for who they are.  We work closely with our clients at their own pace to develop their skills in order to maximise potential and encourage them to participate fully in their local community.


We will support individuals according to their specific needs to maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment. We will listen to people and encourage and value their contribution to the running of the scheme."

What makes makes us unique?

Swallowfields Care Centre specialises in supporting adults who require a more structured and meaningful care package. Through our team of therapists, we can make huge inroads towards an individual becoming more settled, independent and involved in the community around him/her.

We do this using our unique structured approach:

  • We play a key part in successfully integrating our service users onto 'step down' services (supported living), therefore minimising the chances of a placement breakdown.

  • We can assist by offering our own supported living facilities within secured tenancies, to ensure that the right level of support is maintained with a consistency approach to staffing.

  • We can continue to provide long-term support as long as required through our Domiciliary Service.

  • We can provide support to individuals who's placements have broken down.

  • We can provide help in cases where there is a safeguarding Alert.

Providing excellent facilities and an environment that is superior and truly compassionate care to everyone

L. King (Placement Officer)


Swallowfields is an amazing residential care home that provides excellent facilities, environment that is superior and truly compassionate care to everyone - residents, visitors, staff, etc.

- L. King (Placement Officer)

My family and I absolutely love the home; everyone is friendly and lovely towards us. CH is happy that's all we ask. Thank you all for everything you do for her. We all love all of you.

- Mrs. Ansell (Relative)

As a family, we are very happy with the exceptional service, care and attention our sister was provided with over the years. The staff work very hard to ensure our sister's every demanding need are met with smiles and good will which never wanes. Thank you and God bless to all the staff at swallowfields for your dedicated service to our sister and all the service users who reside there.

- Mary S. (Relative)

I have always found the staff at Swallowfield to be very friendly and welcoming. They are always able to provide me with the right information and they raise concerns about patients appropriately. Staff are good at documenting incidents and at recording behaviours using ABC charts. The home always appears clean, cosy and furnished/decorated to a high standard. I have been particularly impressed with staff members who I always find to be very pleasant and informative. Well done!

- Dr. A. Memon (Psychiatrist)